My mother’s name is Virginia Plenzler. Mom was born September 12, 1926 to John and Anastasia Plenzler.

Here is a screen snap of my mother’s family tree on

Like my father, she is the youngest of three children and was considerably younger than her siblings: Raymond and Florence. Raymond was born in 1914 and Florence was born in 1916. Raymond never married. Florence had a son named David and was married to someone with the last name of Soborowski.

I have little in the way of documentation regarding my mother. While searching online records for the Catholic Diocese of Toledo at, it seems as if mom was born a bit too late to have had her records scanned currently — there is a 70 year limit placed on most records — however I was fortunate enough to find a record of her confirmation at St. Stanislaus. There are also are a few photographs of mom while she was dating dad and I literally found an overwhelming amount of information on her parents and their siblings, which provided me quite a bit of background.

Mom’s confirmation at St. Stanislaus May 6, 1937

The woman named as my mother’s confirmation sponsor I believe to be Cora or Constance Plenzler — Konstacja would likely be the Polish version of her name. Cora was her aunt by marriage, she married my mother’s uncle, Casper. Mom made her confirmation May 6, 1937, about eight months after her father, John, had passed away from stomach cancer.

Young mom and dad

This is a photo of my parents, presumably just before or just after they were married. By the time mom and dad were married, mom had lost both of her parents. Her mother, Anastasia had passed away on March 13, 1946 when mom was just 19 years old. Sometime shortly before or after mom and dad had married, they took in her nephew, David (“Davey”) and raised him for several  years. Davey was Florence’s son and he passed away in 1994. Mom’s brother, Raymond, never married and passed away in 1960.

Florence passed away in 1999 in Detroit, Michigan. She had married a man by the name of Soborowski.

New Years Day 1953: Dad, Mom, Davey, and Karen (about 15 months of age)

Mom went on to raise three daughters, work at the Woolworth’s in downtown Toledo as a buyer/sales clerk, and be a parishioner at St. Hyacinth’s until moving to central Ohio. She has six grandchildren who are all adults and living all across the country in Dayton and Columbus Ohio;  Carmel, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Chicago, Illinois;  and Erie, Pennsylvania.

Mom today