Stanley Lawecki was the first husband of my maternal grandmother, Anastasia Przybylski. Stanley was born to John and Maryanna Lawecki who resided at 1432 Hamilton Street per the 1900 census.

Here is a screen snap of this branch of the family tree.

While I am unable to locate their marriage record, a possible date for their marriage would have been sometime in 1909. The 1910 census reflects that Anastasia and Stanley were living at 1637 Vance Street with Anastasia’s mother, Frances (Rochowiak-Przybylski) and her sister, Eva.

Stanley and Anastasia had one son, Daniel, born in July 1910. There is some discrepancy with Daniel’s birthdate. The baptismal record for Daniel Lawecki from St. Stanislaus reflects that he was born July 21, 1910 and was baptized on July 24, 1910. However, Daniel’s death certificate indicates that he was born on July 10, 1910.

Daniel Lawecki St. Stanislaus Parish Baptismal Record

Here is the transcription of the baptismal record:

Nomen Infantis Et Residentia: Daniel
Dies Mensis Annus Navitatis: 21a Julii Baptismi: 24a Julii
Nomen Parentum: Stanislaus Lawecki, Anastasia Przybylski
Nomen Patrinorum: ?? Lawecki, Eva Przybylska

Anastasia’s sister, Eva, was  Daniel’s godmother.

Stanley died on October 9, 1910 of typhoid. Daniel died less than a month later of cholera on November 2, 1910. Both are buried at Calvary Cemetery, Toledo.

Stanley Lawecki death certificate

Stanley Lawecki burial record, Calvary Cemetery

Transcription of Stanley’s burial record:

No. 12404
Name of deceased: Stanley Lawecki
Late residence: 1637 Vance
Age: 25 years, 0 months, 18 days
Color: W
Sex: M
Disease: Typhoid Fever
Date of interment: 12 Oct.
Married, Single, Widowed: M
Place of death: Toledo
No. of Grave: 269
No. of Lot: 26
No. of Sect.: 27
Name of Physician: E. Story
Name of undertaker: WJ Gasiorowski

Daniel Lawecki death certificate

Daniel Lawecki burial record, Calvary Cemetery

Transcription of Daniel’s burial record:

Fifth record:

Daniel Lawecki, 1637 Vance, Age 3 months, 11 days. Cholera Infantum. Died 11/2. Date of interment 11/5. Place of death: Toledo. Grave 3, Lot 180, Section 29.