I will be updating again starting this weekend. It’s been a wicked two weeks.

My mother is settled in at a lovely assisted care facility (#1 reason for my absence) and I’ve finally caught up with a work project in Orlando (#2 reason for my absence). Unfortunately, I can be called for TDY with short notice and be gone for long stretches. (I love to travel, but work and travel combined is sometimes hell!)

During my absence, I heard from the Plenzler family, requesting photos. Mom didn’t have any that were immediately accessible to me, but I do believe she at least would have her wedding photos packed away somewhere. As we slowly go through her possessions, photos may appear. Never underestimate the amount of possessions your long-lived relatives may have!

As a side note, I’ve noticed a bit of spamming going on here from Facebook. I’ve readjusted my profile accordingly so that only friends can see my Facebook profile and contact information, including websites. Fortunately, the first time anyone comments, I have to approve the comment. Once you’ve been “whitelisted,” you can comment freely (unless of course, I decide the comments are inappropriate). If you’ve commented here and don’t see it on the blog, it’s likely I deleted it by accident. Please contact me if you believe your comments were deleted in error.

Hopefully some day soon, I can migrate this blog to my personal domain for better control, but we all know that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride — I wish for more than 24 hours to a day and I’d probably sleep or work for pay more than 24 hours a day!