While researching the births and baptisms of the children of Eva Dauer and Joseph Plenzler, I stumbled upon an interesting baptismal record.

The child baptized was Peter (Petrum) Mruk. Peter was born May 28, 1894 and baptized the same day. Parents are noted as Michael Mruk and Margarita Plencler. Knowing that Plencler is a variant spelling of Plenzler, I am curious to learn whether Joseph had siblings in the Toledo area. Interestingly, baptismal sponsors are listed as Laurentius Jarczynski (sp?) and Eva Plencler.

Here is a copy of the baptismal record and it is transcribed below.

Dies Mensis: 28 Mai
Ego infrascriptus baptizavi: Petrum Mruk
Natum 28 Mai
ex Michaele Mruk
et Margaritta Plencler
Patrini fuerunt: Laurentius Jarczynski, Eva Plencler
F.S. Motoulewski

If you have any information, please email me or drop a comment here. Thanks!