Voila! Some success. I have received a marriage record from the Roman Catholic Church in Gluszyna for Joseph Plenzler and Eva Dauer via the Poznan Project. This is the church record, not the civil record, dated November 9, 1879.

Here is a transcription:

No. 25
Copulationis: 1879
Dies: November 9
Nomen Sacerdotis Copulantis: Edwardus Anndsburg (sp?)
Copulatorum Nomen et Cognemen — Condition et professio — Locas habitationis: Josephus Plenzler, juvenis, et Eva Dauer, virgo — ambo e Wiorek.
Actas Sponsi :24
Actas Sponsae: 22
Religio: Cath.
Prolamatio Bannorum: Dom: XX, XXI, XXII p. Pentes
Testes: Joannes Plenzler, Martinus Leseicki, Wiorek
Adonations: 8 Listopada

So it appears as if Joseph and Eva were married November 8, 1879 and the marriage recorded the following day and lived in Wiorek. Am uncertain who the John Plenzler mentioned here is–possibly a brother? Also am unsure of who Martin Leseicki is. A cousin? (Joseph’s mother is Mary or Marianna Leseicka).

More information to follow regarding this marriage and the marriage of Andrew Przybylski and Frances Rochowiak in the future as I understand the state archives in Poznan are closed for the month of July and the Gniezno archives are now being rebuilt for the Chometowo records.

Please contact me if you would like a copy of this record.