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Kalixty was a brother to my grandmother, Helena Mierzejewski. Born December 12, 1886 in Borowce to Stanislaw Mierzejewski and Anna Keijewski, he was the third of four children born to Stanislaw and Anna. Children born to Stanislaw and Anna were Wladimir (Walter), Jan (John M.), Kaliksty, and Helena.

It seems as if Kalixty was never married and records that document his life are scarce. I have not yet located his immigration records nor have I found any World War I draft records. However, I did locate Kalixty on the 1920 census living with his brother Walter (Wladimir) and his wife, Bertha, at 1060 Hamilton in Toledo. This is less than one mile from Jan/John who was living at 1763 Buckingham.

The 1920 census reflects Walter (Wladimir) and Bertha were living at 1060 Hamilton with their daughters Sophia, Ceslawa (Charlotte), and Hattie (Hedwig) as well as Kalixty and another brother, Edward.

Per the 1920 census, Kalixty arrived in the US about 1911.

Kalixty died September 27, 1941 per his Ohio death certificate. He was buried through St. Hyacinth Church on October 1, 1941 and interred in Calvary Cemtery.

Kalixty’s death record at St. Hyacinth is transcribed below:

Name: Calixtus Mierzejewski
Cemetery: Calvary
Died: Sept. 27 ’41
Buried: Oct. 1 ’41
Officiating Priest: J.F.L.

Kalixty’s burial record through Calvary is transcribed below:

No. 41621
Name: Calixtus Mierzejewski
Residence: Toledo
Age: 54
Cause of death: Heart disease
Date of Interment: Oct. 1
Grave 2881
Range or lot: 1
Section: 32
Undertaker: F. L. Gasiorowski


I have found Margaretha!

Thanks to input from Judy Stewart, it appears that I’ve located Margaretha in Toledo. She is a sibling to Joseph Plenzler. Margaretha married Michael Mruk and they settled into the neighborhood near Joseph and Eva at 1465 Vance. Per the 1900 census, Margaretha and Michael emigrated to the US in 1884 and 16 children were born to Margaretha, 9 of whom survived per the census.

I have not yet found immigration records for the Mruks; however, through church and census records, I have located these children:

* If you read the entire document that contains Martin Mruk’s baptism record, note that Joseph and Eva had a child baptized during the same period: Stanislaus who was born October 25, 1887 and baptized October 26, 1887. There is a note indicating Stanislaus passed away on May 18, 1888.

Michael Mruk was godfather (or baptism sponsor) to my grandfather, John Plenzler.

Tecla Mruk married John Przybylski and per the 1900 census, she and her family were living next door to her parents at 1461 Vance. (Another Przybylski/Plenzler marriage!)

Mary married John Zielinski. Mary passed away on September 6, 1938 per her Ohio death certificate.

Margaretha passed away February 15, 1904. Her death was recorded through St. Anthony’s parish and she is buried at Calvary Cemetery.

Her death record through St. Anthony’s is transcribed below:

Date of Death and Burial: Feb. 15 – 17
Name of Person Interred: Margaret Mruk
Age: 54
Priest: A.J. Suplicki
Cemetery: Calvary

Her burial record through Calvary Cemetery is transcribed below:

Name of deceased: Mary Mruk
Place of nativity:
Late residence: 1465 Vance
Age: 54
Color: W
Sex: F
Disease: Ulcus Vateserilos (?)
Date of Decease: 16 F
Date of Interment: 17 Feb.
Place of Death: Toledo
Married, Single or Widowed: M
No. of Grave: 513
No. of Lot: 11
No. of Section: 28
Name of Physician: 1449
Name of Undertaker: W. Sujka
Name of Parents of Kindred:

Michael Mruk passed away March 27, 1915 per his Ohio Death Certificate. He was interred through St. Hedwig’s Parish and buried at Calvary Cemetery. It appears from reviewing Michael’s death records that he married again after Margaretha’s death, but there is no indication who he married.

Michael’s death record from St. Hedwig’s is transcribed below:

Died 27th March 1915 Michael Mruk
Bur. 29th March 1915 ??? in Europa
67 y 6 m 9 d

Michael’s burial record from Calvary is transcribed below:

No. 16193
Name of Deceased: Michael Mruk
Place of Nativity:
Late Residence: 2903 Higgins
Age: 67
Color: W
Sex: M
Disease: Chr. Gastritis
Date of Decease: March 27
Date of Interment: March 29
Married, Single or Widowed: M
Place of Death: Toledo
No. of Grave: 941
No. of Lot: 9
No. of Section: 30
Name of Physician: E.J. Henzler
Name of Undertaker: W.J. Sujkowski
Name of Parents or Kindred:

Many thanks to Judy Stewart for this picture. Aren’t they a beautiful couple? Married November 8, 1879 in Gluszyna.

Eva Dauer and Joseph Plenzler, wedding photo

Eva Dauer and Joseph Plenzler, wedding photo

Frank was the seventh child of Joseph Plenzler and Eva Dauer, born February 8, 1895. All records I’ve located stated his birth as 1896, but the St. Anthony’s baptismal register shows that Frank was born in 1895. His baptismal record is transcribed below:

A.D. Die Mensis: 17 Feb.
Ego infrascriptus baptizavi: Fransiscus ??
natum 8 Februarii
ex Josepho Plencner
et Eva Dauer
Patrini Fuerunt: Franciscus Szerpa??, Maria Falkenstejce (sp?)
Rev. V. Zaleski

Frank was enlisted into the Army in World War I. A copy of his World War I draft card is here. His draft card notes his employment at Seiss Manufacturing, a manufacturer that produced and sold bicycle parts. As a bit of nostalgia, here is a link to an advertisement for Seiss bicycle horns published in Boys’ Life Magazine, March 1921.

As with his brother, Robert, a record of his World War I service is provided in the Ohio Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, World War 1917-18. The record for Frank in the Ohio Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, World War 1917-1917 is transcribed below:

Plenzler, Frank J.
1541 Avondale Ave.
Toledo, O.

NA LB 4 Toledo, O. June 26/18. Br Toledo, O. Feb. 8/95. 158 Dep Brig to July 18/18, Co F 335 Inf to Oct 5/18; Co K 358 Inf to disc. Pvt. Meuse-Argonne. AEF Sept 9/18 to June 8/19. Hon Disc June 15/19.

Like Robert, Frank served at Meuse-Argonne and with the American Expeditionary Forces.

Sophia Szymanowski was the daughter of Michael and Maryanna Jablonski, born September 25, 1897 and baptized September 27, 1897. Her baptismal record is transcribed below:

Nomen Familiae: Szymanowski
A.D. Die Mensis: 27 Sept.
Ego infrascriptus baptizavi: Sophiam
Natum 25 Sept.
ex Michaele Szymanowski et Maryanna Jablonska
Patrini Fuerunt: Aldalbertus Pufe (sp?), Apolonia Szymanowski

Sophia and Frank married between 1920 and 1930. The 1930 census placed them at 1240 Campbell Street. One son is produced from this marriage, Edwin, born about 1927. Edwin never married and passed away June 14, 1974. He was buried through St. Anthony’s Parish and interred at Calvary Cemetery.

Edwin’s burial record through St. Anthony’s is transcribed below:

Name: Plenzler, Edwin, 1240 Campbell
Died: June 14, ’74
Buried June 18 ’74
Cemetery: Calv.
Officiating Priest: Th. Extejt
Age: Date of Birth: 47 y.
Sacraments: Sudden death – Mercy H.
Nearest Kin: Mother Sophia

Edwin’s burial record from Calvary Cemetery is transcribed below:

No. 78517
Name: Edwin Plenzler
Residence: 1240 Campbell
Age: 47
Cause of death: Prov. death cert.
Date of interment: June 18
Grave: 9
Range or Lot: 150
Section: 46
Funeral Director: Sujkowski
Remarks: 1338

Frank passed away January 1, 1970 and was interred through St. Anthony’s parish and buried at Calvary Cemetery.

Frank’s death record from St. Anthony’s is transcribed below.

Name: Frank Plenzler
Cemetery: Calvary
Age: Date of birth: 74
Nearest Kin: Wife
Died: Jan. 1, 1970
Buried: Jan. 6, 1970
Officiating Priest: G. G. Radecki
Sacraments: All
Adm. By: Chaplain at Mercy Hosp.

Frank’s burial record through Calvary is transcribed below:

No.: 73161
Name: Frank Plenzler
Residence: 1240 Campbell
Age; 74
Cause of Death: Myocardial Infarction
Date of Interment: Jan. 6, 1970
Grave: 11
Range or Lot: 150
Section: 46
Funeral Director: Sujkowski
Remarks: 10

Sophia passed away February 21, 1990. She was interred through St. Hyacinth Parish and buried in Calvary Cemetery.

Sophia’s death record through St. Hyacinth Parish is transcribed below:

Name of deceased: Sophia Plenzler
Residence: 1240 Campbell
Age: 92
Parents, Wife or Husband: Ronald Rejent, 3526 Secor Rd., Apt. 228, 43606
Date of Death: 2-21-90
Priest: Fr. Tom Extejt
Place and Date of Burial: 2-23-90, Calvary

Sophia’s burial record from Calvary Cemetery is transcribed below:

No.: 93903
Name: Sophia Plenzler
Residence: 1240 Campbell
Age: 92
Cause of Death: Prov. Death Cert.
Date of Interment: 2-23
Grave: 10
Range or Lot: 150
Section: 46
Funeral Director: Sujkowski AP
Remarks: 2046

Sophia’s obituary was published February 22, 1990 in the Toledo Blade and is transcribed below:

Sophia Plenzler, age 92 years, formerly of Campbell St., died on Wednesday, February 21 in the Toledo Hospital. Preceded in death by her husband, Frank and son, Edwin. Survived by sister, Mrs. Clara B. Zion of Tiffin, OH; also nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be Friday 12:30 p.m. from the Sujkowski & Son Funeral Home, Airport Hwy. Funeral Mass at St. Hyacinth Church at 1 PM. Scripture services Thursday at 7 PM in the mortuary, where visitation will be Thursday after 5 PM. Burial Calvary.

Voila! Some success. I have received a marriage record from the Roman Catholic Church in Gluszyna for Joseph Plenzler and Eva Dauer via the Poznan Project. This is the church record, not the civil record, dated November 9, 1879.

Here is a transcription:

No. 25
Copulationis: 1879
Dies: November 9
Nomen Sacerdotis Copulantis: Edwardus Anndsburg (sp?)
Copulatorum Nomen et Cognemen — Condition et professio — Locas habitationis: Josephus Plenzler, juvenis, et Eva Dauer, virgo — ambo e Wiorek.
Actas Sponsi :24
Actas Sponsae: 22
Religio: Cath.
Prolamatio Bannorum: Dom: XX, XXI, XXII p. Pentes
Testes: Joannes Plenzler, Martinus Leseicki, Wiorek
Adonations: 8 Listopada

So it appears as if Joseph and Eva were married November 8, 1879 and the marriage recorded the following day and lived in Wiorek. Am uncertain who the John Plenzler mentioned here is–possibly a brother? Also am unsure of who Martin Leseicki is. A cousin? (Joseph’s mother is Mary or Marianna Leseicka).

More information to follow regarding this marriage and the marriage of Andrew Przybylski and Frances Rochowiak in the future as I understand the state archives in Poznan are closed for the month of July and the Gniezno archives are now being rebuilt for the Chometowo records.

Please contact me if you would like a copy of this record.

Wladyslaw and Helena Mierzejewski

Wladyslaw and Helena Mierzejewski (grandparents)

Joe and Celia Starzynski

Joe and Celia Starzynski--Ciocia and Uncle Joe

Anastasia Plenzler

Anastasia Plenzler--grandmother

John Plenzler

John Plenzler--grandfather

Joseph and Josephine Plenzler

Joseph and Josephine Plenzler--great-uncle/great-aunt

Martin and Minnie Plenzler

Martin and Minnie Plenzler--great-uncle/great-aunt

John and Theofila Mierzejewski

John and Theofila Mierzejewski--great-uncle/great-aunt

Konstanty and Stefania Mierzejewski

Konstanty and Stefania Mierzejewski (have not yet determined relationship)


Stanislaus Przybylski

Stanislaus Przybylski--great-uncle

Frank and Victoria Sieja--great-aunt/great-uncle

Frank and Victoria Sieja

Edna Plenzler (m. Daniel Sieja, m. Stanley Jankowski)

Edna Plenzler (m. Daniel Sieja, m. Stanley Jankowski), daughter Martin K. Plenzler

Daughters of Daniel and Edna (Plenzler) Sieja--Susan, Kathleen, Nancy

Daughters of Daniel and Edna (Plenzler) Sieja--Susan, Kathleen, Nancy

Daniel Sieja, first husband of Edna Plenzler, father of Kathleen, Susan, Nancy

Daniel Sieja, first husband of Edna Plenzler, father of Kathleen, Susan, Nancy

While researching the births and baptisms of the children of Eva Dauer and Joseph Plenzler, I stumbled upon an interesting baptismal record.

The child baptized was Peter (Petrum) Mruk. Peter was born May 28, 1894 and baptized the same day. Parents are noted as Michael Mruk and Margarita Plencler. Knowing that Plencler is a variant spelling of Plenzler, I am curious to learn whether Joseph had siblings in the Toledo area. Interestingly, baptismal sponsors are listed as Laurentius Jarczynski (sp?) and Eva Plencler.

Here is a copy of the baptismal record and it is transcribed below.

Dies Mensis: 28 Mai
Ego infrascriptus baptizavi: Petrum Mruk
Natum 28 Mai
ex Michaele Mruk
et Margaritta Plencler
Patrini fuerunt: Laurentius Jarczynski, Eva Plencler
F.S. Motoulewski

If you have any information, please email me or drop a comment here. Thanks!

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