When the church record for Joseph Plenzler’s and Marianna Lesiecka’s marriage arrived, so did the civil marriage record for Joseph Plenzler (son of Joseph and Marianna) and Eva Dauer. Joseph Plenzler’s and Eva Dauer’s marriage record from the Catholic church in Gluszyna is located here.

(Marriages that were recorded in Poznan were recorded both via church and civil records, so there are often two records. Joseph and Maria/Marianna’s Roman Catholic church marriage record is located here.)

This is not transcribed–yet. It is written in German, and unfortunately, I don’t know a lick of German!

It appears as if Maria (Marianna) had a family member named Martin, who witnessed/signed the civil record. Perhaps this is an brother to Marianna, uncle to Eva.But it is interesting to see the actual signatures of my great grandparents, Joseph Plenzler and Eva Dauer.

Digging continues!