I have more photos from Calvary Cemetery to go through and I worked on them a bit over the holiday weekend. I located Frances Przybylski’s grave photo and cropped it and compressed it for upload.

One thing that just did not strike me immediately–it must have been the fact I was taking photos on an extremely hot day and my brains were fried–was that there is an error on her grave stone. It provides her birth as 1885. Now we all know that can’t be so! I did verify the burial location and this photo was taken in Section3 of Calvary. Transcription of her burial record through Calvary is:

Frances Przybylski, 1451 Avondale, Age 62, Cause of death: Cirrhosis of Liver. Date of Interment May 15, 1922. Grave 2602, Range or Lot 17, Section 3. Undertaker: Czolgosz.

So it appears the age was noted appropriately through burial records. So why the error? Did the family not notice this? Or is this the WRONG photo? The burial year is correct and I have poked through the records to try to attempt to see if another Frances Przybylski was buried the same year in the same section, close to each other. (This has happened with my father: another Edward Mierzejewski is buried nearby my father, Edward Mierzejewski, in the same section.) I am going to review the burial records again for 1922 to see if I had photographed the wrong grave or if this indeed an error on the part of the mason. (My bets are on the mason.)

Here is the photo. Should anyone have any insight, please leave a message here. I’ll follow up.

Frances Przybylski grave

Frances Przybylski grave (click to download larger high resolution photo)