Genealogy certainly isn’t cheap nor is it easy. For me, having a large concentration of my ancestors in Toledo, I had a bit of luck in that I was able to obtain a king’s ransom in genealogical data through the Catholic Dioceses of Toledo and by sharing with cousins. But when I began my search beyond Toledo, it became a bit more difficult. My mother’s family in particular presented a bit of a conundrum for me. Originally I believed they all settled in northwest Ohio, but was I wrong! While indicated to me that there are four major areas in Poland that Plenzlers are concentrated and it also indicated that a large concentration was located in Toledo, Ohio; it gave me no further clues that the Plenzlers would have settled elsewhere in the US.

Then Judy Stewart asked me if I had ever heard of Lucky Ladlewski. Couldn’t say I ever had. But through Lucky, she had obtained the Plenzlers who had settled near South Bend. Unfortunately, Lucky passed away a number of years ago, but through volunteers and the generosity of her husband, her work lives. See Lucky Ladlewski’s papers. What a great thing to share!

Lucky documented as many as she could of Polish descent living in the South Bend, Indiana region. Who knows? Take a look at Lucky’s work. You might find that one of your Polish ancesters were documented by Lucky if they lived in Indiana.