I just read an excellent article on archives.com. (Just click the link to read the article.) This article validated my reasoning for using social networking and blogging in an attempt to research my family.  By collaboration and sharing via social networking these good things happen:

  • I can validate my research through others–and there have been many times I’ve been wrong. I want to be accurate as possible and many times, learning from others has helped me establish new connections in my family.
  • By sharing, I get greater access to knowledge and insight.
  • I’ve learned to let go of a lot of misconceptions and hope to help foster a greater learning experience for all involved.
  • I’ve gotten in touch with cousins and others who may have known my family that otherwise I may not have had the chance to know–it’s been a rewarding experience so far.

Enjoy the article. If there’s anything I can do to improve this blog or the data I share, drop me a line. (Note that I’ve tightened the security on this blog a bit, so even if you’ve posted here before, I’ll probably need to approve the comment. Sorry, but I’ve been getting spammed hard again. A minor inconvenience with all of the good stuff one can do via internet when collaborating over distance. I can’t say that internet genealogy is without pitfalls.)