Just a quick post today because I’m going batty with the latest exercise to attempt to build a database of the Mierzejewskis that I can locate through ship manifests to locate and track my family’s movements, I’ve compiled quite a list of the different variations of how the name has been spelled. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  1. Mierzejewski
  2. Mizejewski
  3. Mirzejewski
  4. Nierzejewski
  5. Nierzejewsky (I think this and #4 are probably transcription errors on ancestry.com and ellisisland.org)
  6. Mierzyewski (This may too be a transcription error)
  7. Mierzijewski
  8. Miezjewski
  9. Mezejewski
  10. Mierzeski
  11. Mierezyewska
  12. Meitzejewski
  13. Mieszyjewska

Thirteen permutations to date! Arghgh!! Now I know why I can’t find ’em! Memo to self: create a table of all possible permutations. Am working on a lookup for all of the Mskis I can locate via ship manifests. Will post when I have an update available.