March 2012

Yes, I’m posting this a few hours early for Geneablogger’s Tombstone Tuesday, and I am still working on that Rochowiak research. I just thought I’d take a break and post more of the photos I had from Calvary.

Below are the parents of Stanley Hejnicki, spouse of Eva Przybylski Hejnicki. Note that the first names provided on the stones are the Polish variants of the names, Agatha and Frank.

Agatha and Frank are buried together here:  Graves: 1886 and 1887, Range or Lot: 12, Section: 3 in Calvary.

Agatha Pawlaczyk Hejnicki, grave, Calvary Cemetery (mother of Stanley Hejnicki)

Agatha Pawlaczyk Hejnicki, grave, Calvary Cemetery (mother of Stanley Hejnicki)

Frank Hejnicki (grave, Calvary Cemetery, Father of Stanley Hejnicki)

Frank Hejnicki (grave, Calvary Cemetery, Father of Stanley Hejnicki)

Below is the grave for another Andrew Przybylski. I have not connected this Andrew to my great-grandparents, but because this one kept popping up when I first started researching my great-grandfather, I thought I’d post his grave here and see what may come.

Andrew Przybylski, grave Calvary

Andrew Przybylski, grave Calvary

This Andrew is buried here in Calvary: Grave 3040, Lot: 5, Section: 32.

The bit of research that I’ve done for this younger Andrew Przybylski led me to his death certificate, that indicates his parents were Frank Przybylski and Katrazyna Zielinski. Because of the year of his birth, 1887, it may be possible that this Andrew is a nephew to my great-grandfather. Yet another area of research in the future (does that not seem like a theme that I have always have going?)–however, each Frank Przybylski that I’ve found thus far that could be of my great-grandfather’s generation does not seem to line up. I do know my great-great-grandparents were named Josepha and Valentine, per the marriage record located for Andrew and Frances’ marriage.

And finally, one last photo for tonight. This person’s surname is not directly related to my family; but I was amazed at how well preserved this stone was at nearly 100 years old. So I took a photo of it. It is remarkably easy to read when compared to the stones of others I’ve photographed such as John and Eva Plenzler.

Tombstone, Francis Weslowlski, Calvary Cemetery

Tombstone, Francis Weslowski, Calvary Cemetery

This is the grave for Franciszek Wesolowski, buried here: Grave: N-1/2, Lot: 12, Section: 22.

While going through the clippings and information my parents left, I found a newspaper clipping for someone named Anthony Ceglarski a while back. I did not connect the name for a while then realized my uncle Walter’s wife was Helen Ceglarski. (Walter and his wife, Helen, used the surname of Myers.) So, long story short: this would have been my uncle Walter’s father-in-law.

It took a bit, but I traced this clipping and its date. The clipping would likely have been published on 15 May of 1945 in the Toledo Blade. It tells of Anthony’s accident by walking into a train. Here is the clip.

Anthony Ceglarski, train accident

Anthony Ceglarski, train accident

Unfortunately, Anthony did not survive his accident. He passed away on 16 May, and his obituary was published 17 May 1945 in the Toledo Blade. Below is an obituary I was able to pull from Google archives. I’ve transcribed the obituary below because the scan isn’t very good.

Anthony Ceglarski, obituary, Toledo Blade, 17 May 1945

Anthony Ceglarski, obituary, Toledo Blade, 17 May 1945

Anthony Ceglarski

Services will be at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday in the Valenty Sujkowski Funeral Home for Anthony Ceglarski of 605 Waverly Ave. who died yesterday in Mercy Hospital of injuries suffered Thursday when he walked into the side of a train.

Other services will be at 9 a.m. in St. Hyacinth’s Church. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery.

Lesson learned: few things your parents or grandparents saved are meaningless! Just because it took me a while to connect the dots with this means little. My father would not have saved this clipping. It’s likely he obtained it from his mother. Why would I say this? My father was still overseas with the Army Air Corps at the time Anthony died. He was not discharged until October 1945.

I was hoping to actually post something regarding the Rochowiaks in Toledo today. I have been working to follow up on comments left on this post : Rochowiaks in Toledo, and am making some headway, but not ready to post on those comments yet.

A good clue though that was left was to check the records of Sts. Peter and Paul parish, which I am doing. While doing so, I came across a marriage record for 1874 that made my eyes pop. I was unsure of what it meant because initially when I read it, it appeared at first glance to be a marriage for a Joseph Przybylski. However, some consultation with the Polish Genius email discussion group indicated that it is the marriage of Joseph’s widow, Paulina to a Joseph Mortek (I am not quite certain of that name, I may not have transcribed it correctly).

Here is the record. It is on the left hand side of the image, the second from the bottom, dated 13 January 1874. The marriage was witnessed by Nickolaus Rutkowski and Rosalia Ciesliewicz. I have not yet ascertained if this is a connection to Andrew Przybylski or if Paulina was widowed here or in Poland. Definitely an interesting clue to follow up on. As usual, if you have any hints or information, drop me an email or a line here.

Still sifting through miles of information that I have and still receiving plenty of new information daily.

While sorting through all of the information that has piled up and that I haven’t sorted through is another photo my cousin John had sent to me of St. Hyacinth’s 8th Grade Graduation in 1932. I previously posted one from 1933. Click the photo to download a high-resolution larger copy and to be able to read the caption beneath. Possible follow ups for me in the future are the names Zielinski, Siwa (one of my dad’s best pals was Bernie Siwa), Kaminski (my kids’ paternal great-grandmother was a Kaminski). Amazing that it took me this long to take a long hard look at this photo and realize there were new angles to look into!

1932 St. Hyacinth 8th Grade Graduation

1932 St. Hyacinth 8th Grade Graduation

I have made my tree PRIVATE. I have noticed some photo lifting and a few other nefarious activities occurring. If you wish for access to my family tree, please contact me here, via email, or via my profile.

Now for the semi-gentle reminder: please notice I do have a creative commons license posted on this blog. I am happy to share my data, but I do request that you acknowledge the source of all creative works that you obtain from me (particularly photos). I am beginning to see that my Calvary Cemetery photos are being downloaded and used without attribution and I cannot determine whether or not the photos are being used for the correct persons and relationships.

Now, whew. I’m off my soapbox.

Just a quick note for a bit of promotion and to announce an area for possibly more information on Toledo Polish ancestry.

Not quite 200 photos for Calvary headstones are upon on the Ohio Gravestone Project website. Photos I’ve placed there also contain the verified location of each grave. There is a handful of contributors for Calvary and hopefully the collection will grow over time. Also it appears as if all cemeteries within Lucas County are in the database, so it may be worthwhile to peruse or upload photos for other cemeteries as well.

That said, you can visit the project here: You will need a free login to browse or upload your own photos. No spam, safe site. It appears most of the major Lucas County cemeteries are listed there, so if you have relatives buried elsewhere in Lucas County, you may find or share information there as well. The Ohio Gravestone Project is run by the Ohio Gen Web Project.

A blog reader named Jan provided this information. I did not find this news article until being notified here.

Tekla Mruk and John Przybylski’s first child, Frank, died at the age of 13 due to an auto accident. I knew the cause–I had his death certificate. However, I was unaware of a newspaper article published on 17 May 1909 about the incident. Jan kindly tipped me off to this article and I was able to pull it. Below is a scan of the article and a transcription. Note that the surname is misspelled.

Newspaper article from the Toledo News Bee 18 May 1909, death of Frank Przybylski due to auto accident

Newspaper article from the Toledo News Bee 18 May 1909, death of Frank Przybylski due to auto accident


Dives Beneath Wheels as He Flees From Rain

Running headfirst into a Big Ton car at the corner of Detroit Avenue and Dorr Street, Saturday afternoon, Frank Prezybelski, 13, of 1415 Vance street, fell beneath the wheels and was almost instanly killed.

The boy was hurrying to get out of a rainstorm. He ran down Junction Avenue on to Dorr street, just as a car was backing from the barn. Prezybelski plunged into the car and was dazed. He was hurled beneath the car, and the wheels of the rear trucks passed over his body. One leg was nearly severed, and the boy’s head was crushed.

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