Three year old's delight, Easter morning

Three year old's delight, Easter morning

Now that I’m single and my kids are all grown up, I suppose that it is medically correct to say that I’m healthier because I don’t have all those fattening and sugary goodies around the house during holiday time–today, no chocolate bunnies or jelly beans. But after reading a few other blogs today, I starting reminiscing about the Easter dinner table. Here’s some of the goodies we had on the Easter dinner table–pretty much through the time my kids were grown and gone:

  • Kielbasa
  • Of course, hard boiled eggs. But these weren’t just cracked, peeled, and eaten. We made Eggs Jeannette with them. (Ok, they weren’t Polish, but Jacques Pepin’s French cooking made easy made these eggs hard to resist!)
  • Butter molded into pretty lambs
  • Ham (Have we a theme going here? — We were a pork eatin’ Polish family machine!)
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
  • Kapusta (sweet and sour cabbage, seasoned with — you guessed it — bacon!)
  • Polish coffee cake with raisins
  • Peeps — my mother could consume a box–an entire dozen–of these by herself

Time moves on, and I’m not so sure that I’m unhealthier for having had these delicious memories. And how can I not laugh when I remember my kids bargaining with their jelly beans? If mom or dad wanted any, we got the black licorice jelly beans! Who can not smile when remembering egg hunts and squeals of delight over something as simple as a basket of colored eggs and chocolates?

Happy Easter!