While researching the Rochowiaks, I learned Lawrence Rochowiak had two sons named Joseph. The eldest, born to his first wife, Rosalia, was born in 1876. The younger, baptized Joseph Wladyslaw, was born to his second wife, Anna, in 1901. While I am still untangling the children of Lawrence and his two wives; I’d come across an  interesting tidbit that I believe would have involved Joseph Wladyslaw.

Per the 1930 census, Joseph Wladyslaw was a city of Toledo patrolman. That same year, on 27 May, the Toledo News Bee published an interesting little tidbit on Joseph:

Watch Your Turn (Published Toledo News Bee, 27 May 1930)

Watch Your Turn (Published Toledo News Bee, 27 May 1930)

The scan isn’t easy to read, so here is a transcription:

Watch Your Turn

Downtown Traffic Officer Out to Enforce the Law

Toledo motorists Tuesday were threatened with a new traffic menace in the person of Patrolman Joseph Rochowiak, who late Monday launched a single-handed crusade against 27 motorists who persisted in making a left turn at Erie street and Madison avenue between the hours of 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. , in violation of a traffic ordinance.

Unfortunately, there are no further details. How many of these drivers fought city hall and won?