Recently I’ve been working on some Calvary photos I’d had. Not all I have are related to me or persons I may be researching. Sometimes I will take photos of Polish graves in Calvary because either the name seems familiar or the stone just looks interesting. This is today’s case. I came across the grave of a man named Boleslaw Dalkowski. With the epithet “He lived for service to his people,” I had to learn a bit more about the man.

Boleslaw J. Dalkowski

Boleslaw J. Dalkowski

Seems as if Boleslaw was very much a part of Toledo history as well as prominent within the Polish community of Toledo. A lengthy obit article was published in the Toledo Blade on December 18, 1941. I’ve extracted the majority of the article below.

B. J. Dalkowski Taken by Death

A leader among Toledo Poles and a member of city’s publicity and efficiency commission. Was elected to City Council in 1917 and represented the Fourth Ward until 1923.

Devoted many years in the interest of his countrymen, especially the nearly 20,000 native of Polish descent of the Fourth Ward.

Born in Toledo July 14, 1874, he was associated with the first Polish newspaper published in Toledo, The Ameryka. He remained with that paper only a short time when he began to publish his own newspaper, a weekly Polish publication. He then accepted an offer to become city editor of the Polish Daily Courier in Milwaukee. Mr. Dalkowski held this post for several month when home duties required he return to Toledo.

Mr. Dalkowski then became a member of the staff of the old Toledo News and left to join the Toledo Democrat which remained in existence about 30 days. Mr. Dalkowski then became superintendent of postal sub-station F and held that position for 21 years.

He then joined the Ohio Savings Bank & Trust Co. where he remained 16 years until the bank ceased operations.

During World War I, Mr. Dalkowski participated in and headed many Liberty Loan drives and was president of the Polish Citizens League. He was in charge of a recruiting station in Toledo where Polish youths, rejected from service in the United States Army, enlisted for the Polish Army serving in France.

After the death of his brother, Frank, Mr. Dalkowski managed the Dalkowski Agency of the Miller Insurance Co.

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