Took more photos at Calvary yesterday. Some good finds this time–including great-grandparents: Andrew Przybylski and Eva and Joseph  Plenzler. Click each photo to download a full-sized, high-resolution copy.

Joseph and Eva (Dauer) Plenzler

Joseph and Eva Plenzler graves

Joseph and Eva Plenzler

Joseph and Eva are buried together at Calvary Cemetery. Grave location is:

No. of Grave: 25 and 26
No. of Lot: 112/115
No. of Section: 8

Below are individual photos of each gravestone. Note much of the detail is worn away as they have been there nearly 100 years.

Joseph Plenzler

Joseph Plenzler grave

Joseph Plenzler grave

Eva Plenzler

Eva Plenzler grave

Eva Plenzler grave

Andrew Przybylski

Andrew’s burial location in Calvary is:

Grave 4
Lot 176
Section 30

I have not yet located his wife, Frances’, grave. They are not buried together.

Andrew Przybylski grave

Andrew Przybylski grave

Michael Mruk (and also see here). I did not yet locate his wife, Margaretha’s grave. (They were not buried together, and it seems as if Michael remarried after her death.)

Michael Mruk grave

Michael Mruk grave

Casper Koralewski. Casper was the spouse of Rose Przybylski. He and Rose are not buried together, and I have not yet located Rose’s grave. Casper’s grave location is:

Grave: 2647
Range or Lot: 17
Section: 32

Casper Koralewski grave

Casper Koralewski grave

Walter (Wladyslaw) and Bernice (Bronislawa) Mierzejewski and daughter, Sophia

Walter was my grandmother, Helena Mierzejewski’s, brother. Burial location for Walter, Bernice, and his daughter and son-in-law Walter Owczarczak is as follows:

Grave: N-1/2, E-1/2
Range or Lot: 215
Section: 42

Walter and Bernice

Walter (Wladyslaw) and Bernice (Bronislawa) Mierzejewski grave

Walter (Wladyslaw) and Bernice (Bronislawa) Mierzejewski grave

Sophie and Walter

Walter and Sophie Owczarzak grave

Walter and Sophie Oczarzak grave

Robert and Mary Plenzler

Bob and Mary Plenzler were siblings, each never married. They are buried together. Grave location is:

Grave: 5
Range or Lot: 193
Section: 44

Note that this grave is difficult to locate. The stone is quite sunk. Its location faces Parkside Blvd., adjacent to the Monastery.

Robert and Mary Plenzler grave

Robert and Mary Plenzler grave

Stanley Hejnicki

Stanley was the husband of Eva Przybylski. Stanley and Eva are not buried together and I have not yet located Eva’s grave. Burial location for Stanley is:

Grave: 2825
Range or Lot: 22
Section: 32

Stanley Hejnicki grave

Stanley Hejnicki grave

And lastly, I stumbled on the grave of Joseph and Helen Abrass. Helen was the daughter of Jan (John) Mierzejewski and his wife, Theofila (also see here).

Grave location is:

Grave: N-1/2, E-1/2
Range or Lot: 119
Section: 42

Joseph and Helen Abrass grave

Joseph and Helen Abrass grave


Finally! I’ve confirmed that John Mierzejewski is a sibling to my grandmother, Helena. Thanks to a piece of information I could not locate–an obituary from the Toledo Blade via Garret–I have a piece of the puzzle.

Here is a transcription of the obituary (it can’t be scanned, poor quality and Google archives does NOT have this):

J. M. Mierzejewski

John M. Mierzejewski, dietitian’s helper in Riverside Hospital, died yesterday in the hospital after a short illness. He was 52.

Survivors are his wife, Theofila, sons, Corporal Milton, Romulus Field, Mich., and Leonard, Toledo; daughters, Mrs. Helen Abrass, Mrs. Frances Lubinski, Mrs. Lillian Gawronski, and Virginia; brother, Wladyslaw; sister, Mrs. Helen Mierzejewski and five grandchildren, all Toledo.

Services will be 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in the Sujkowski Funeral Home and at 9 a.m. in St. Anthony’s Church. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery.

John died December 30, 1945.

Some trivia: Milton was nicknamed “Mackie.” I remember my father talking about him, but did not know how they were related. Dad simply called him “his cousin.”

John and his wife, Theofila, had seven children, one of whom is still living:

  • Helen (1913-2004) (m. Joseph Abrass)
  • Frances (1916-2009) (m. Joseph Lubinski)
  • Lillian (1918-2005) (m. Thadeusz Gawronski)
  • John (1921-1920)
  • Milton (1923-1987) (m. Stephanie Nowak)
  • Virginia (1927- ) (m. Donald Jezak)
  • Leonard (1929-1994) (m. Jeanne Trudell)

More updates later.