Voila! Some success. I have received a marriage record from the Roman Catholic Church in Gluszyna for Joseph Plenzler and Eva Dauer via the Poznan Project. This is the church record, not the civil record, dated November 9, 1879.

Here is a transcription:

No. 25
Copulationis: 1879
Dies: November 9
Nomen Sacerdotis Copulantis: Edwardus Anndsburg (sp?)
Copulatorum Nomen et Cognemen — Condition et professio — Locas habitationis: Josephus Plenzler, juvenis, et Eva Dauer, virgo — ambo e Wiorek.
Actas Sponsi :24
Actas Sponsae: 22
Religio: Cath.
Prolamatio Bannorum: Dom: XX, XXI, XXII p. Pentes
Testes: Joannes Plenzler, Martinus Leseicki, Wiorek
Adonations: 8 Listopada

So it appears as if Joseph and Eva were married November 8, 1879 and the marriage recorded the following day and lived in Wiorek. Am uncertain who the John Plenzler mentioned here is–possibly a brother? Also am unsure of who Martin Leseicki is. A cousin? (Joseph’s mother is Mary or Marianna Leseicka).

More information to follow regarding this marriage and the marriage of Andrew Przybylski and Frances Rochowiak in the future as I understand the state archives in Poznan are closed for the month of July and the Gniezno archives are now being rebuilt for the Chometowo records.

Please contact me if you would like a copy of this record.


Bob was the sixth child born to Eva Dauer and Joseph Plenzler. He was born January 3, 1891 and baptized January 4, 1891 in St. Stanislaus Parish. It’s interesting to note on Bob’s baptismal record that his mother’s lineage is noted. Look closely at the record for Boleslaw Plencner (the first record on the page).  Here is a transcription:

Datum Nativ. and Baptism
3rd Januarii Natus
4th Jan. Bapt.
Nomen: Boleslaus
Genus: Mas
Thorus: Leg.
Parentes: Plencner (Plenzler), Josephus, fil Josephi et Evae Dauer
Dauer, Eva fil Andrea et. Marianna n. Omler
Patrini: Michael Brzoskov (sp?) et Antonia Szcrepankorvska (sp?)

So, a clue to Eva’s mother would be that Marianna’s maiden name may be Omler. Also, when transcribing Mary Plenzler’s baptismal record, I have found that Marianna’s maiden name was provided as Aumiller. (I will provide more information on Mary on the next post.)

I can find no reason for naming the paternity of the mother, and yet all children born during this period have the paternity of their parents provided as well. Additionally, the priest’s name is not provided.

Bob was listed as living with the family at 1541 Avondale at the time of the 1910 census, he would have been about 19 years old at the time.

It appears Bob was drafted into the Army during World War I. His World War I draft card provides his employment as a carpenter. He was listed in the Ohio Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, World War, 1917-18 (as was his brother, Frank). Both Bob and Frank served at Meuse-Argonne and with the American Expeditionary Forces. Bob was also listed as having served at the battle of St. Miheil. Bob was honorably discharged from the Army on July 21, 1919.

A transcription of Bob’s record in the Ohio Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, World War, 1917-1918 is below:

3093314, White
1541 Avondale Ave.,
Toledo, O.

NA LB 4 Toledo, O. June 26/18. Br Toledo, O. Feb 8/95. 158 Dep Brig to July 18/18; Co F 336 Inf to Oct 5/18; Co K 358 Inf to disch. Pvt. Meuse-Argonne. AEF Sept 9/18 to June 8/19. Ho disch June 15/19.

The 1930 census shows Bob living again at 1541 Avondale with his sister, Mary and employed as a machinist at a steel mill. It appears as if neither Bob or Mary ever married but continued to live together to support each other.

Bob died December 11, 1973 and was buried at Calvary Cemetery. His obituary was published in the Toledo Blade on December 12, 1973 and is transcribed below:

Robert Plenzler

Robert F. Plenzler, 83, of 1541 Avondale Ave., died Tuesday in his home. He was employed 12 years by the Acklin Stamping Co., retiring 18 years ago. Earlier he had worked 25 years for the Toledo Metal Wheel Co. He was a World War I veteran. Surviving is his sister, Mrs. Sophia Szymanowski. The body is in the Sujkowski Mortuary. Services will be Friday at 10 a.m. in St. Stanislaus Church. The Rosary will be recited Thursday at 8 p.m.

He was buried at Calvary Cemetery through St. Stanislaus parish. The burial record from the church is transcribed below:

Name:  Plenzler, Robert
Address: 1541 Avondale
Age: 83
Parents or Spouse:
Sister: Sophia Szymanowski
Date of Death: Dec. 11
Cemetery Date of Burial: Dec. 14, 1973
Celebrant: Rev. S. J. Wojciechowski

The burial record from Calvary is transcribed below:

No. 77881
Name: Robert Plenzler
Residence: 1541 Avondale
Age: 83
Cause of Death: Prov. Death Cert.
Date of Interment: 12/14/1973
Grave: 5
Range or Lot: 193
Section: 44
Funeral Director: Sujkowski
Remarks: R3407

Vincent was a bit of an accidental find for me. While browsing St. Anthony’s baptismal records to locate Kaiser (Casper or Charles), I stumbled upon Vincent.

Vincent was the fourth child born to Eva Dauer and Joseph Plenzler. He was born July 3, 1886 and baptized July 18, 1886. He passed away January 4, 1887 per St. Anthony Parish interment records. I have no burial records. Calvary Cemetery’s burial records begin in late 1887, prior to Vincent’s death.

I have written to the Poznan project (http://bindweed.man.poznan.pl/posen/search.php) to obtain the marriage certificates for Andrew Przybylski and Frances Rochowiak and for John Plenzler and Eva Dauer. I am hoping that it is possible to obtain them–I have found possible records for these marriages in the database. I am sure it will take some time, but I do hope to locate these certificates. If I can obtain these documents, I will post more here.

Joseph was the second child, second son of Joseph Plenzler and Eva Dauer, my mother’s paternal great-uncle. Joseph was born on October 20, 1884 in Poznan. He, his brother Martin, and mother Eva arrived on the ship, Moravia, in the port of New York on May 6, 1884. She departed from Hamburg with her two eldest sons: Marczin (Martin) and Josef (Joseph). Martin was 3 at the time of arrival, his younger brother was just 6 months. (Lines 11, 12, and 13 in the manifest.)

Joseph married Josephine Grzechowiak. Josephine was born in Toledo on February 26, 1891 and baptized in St. Anthony’s parish on February 28, 1891. She was born to Laurence Grzechowiak and Wickoria Dragon.

While I was unable to find a marriage record for Joe and Josephine, they were married prior to 1918 as Joseph claims Josephine as his next of kin on his World War I draft registration records.

Joe and Josephine resided at 634 Marmion per the 1920 census. By the 1930 census, they had resided at 737 Marmion. Here is a link to a picture of the home and ownership transfer records for the property.

Joe and Josephine had four children:

  • Theresa Plenzler Helminak
  • Aloyosius J. Plenzler
  • Martha Plenzler Pieczynski
  • Alice Plenzler Bogucki

Joe passed away on January 14, 1948 and was buried through St. Hyacinth’s Parish. The St. Hyacinth burial record is transcribed below:

Name: Joseph Plenzler
Died: 1/14/1946
Buried: 1/17/1946
Cemetery: Calvary
Officiating Priest: J.F.L.
Age Date of Birth: Oct. 20, 1882
Sacraments: All
Nearest Kin: wife
Adm. By: J.F.L.

Joe’s obituary was published in the Toledo Blade on January 14, 1948 and reads:

Joseph Plenzler

Joseph F. (Joe Pie) Plenzler, 739 Marmion Ave., a moulder at the Toledo Machine and Tool Foundry since 1933, died yesterday. He was 65.

Mr. Plenzler was a member of the Moulders Union, AFL.

Surviving are his wife, Josephine; son, Aloysius, daughters, Martha and Theresa Plenzler and Mrs. Alice Bogucki; borthers, Charles, Robert, Frank and Leo Plenzler; and sisters, Mrs. Sophia Szymanowski and Mary Plenzler, and two grandchildren.

Services will be Saturday at 9:30 a.m. in Sujkowski and Son Mortuary and at 10 a.m. in St. Hyacinth Church. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery.

Joseph’s burial record from Calvary Cemetery is transcribed below:

No. 47815
Name: Joseph Plenzler
Residence: 737 Marmion
Age: 63
Cause of death: Hypertension
Date of interment: Jan. 17
Grave: W-1/2
Range or Lot: 392
Section: 39
Undertaker: Sujkowski & Son

Josephine passed away on June 10, 1978. Her obituary from the Toledo Blade, June 11, 1978 reads below.

Josephine Plenzler

Mrs. Josephine M. Plenzler, 87, of 737 Marmion Ave., died Saturday in Mercy Hospital. She was the widow of Joseph Plenzler. She was an assembler for 10 years at the former Rex Research Co., retiring in 1960. Surviving are her son, Aloysius; daughters, Mrs. Martha Piezzynski, Mrs. Alice Bogucki, and Mrs. Theresa Helminiak; sister, Mrs. Bertha Liberkowski, and bothers, William and John Grzechowiak. Services will be Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. in St. Hyacinth Church. The Rosary will be recited Monday at 7 p.m. in the Sujkowski Mortuary, where the body will be tonight after 6:30.

Her burial record through St. Hyacinth parish is transcribed below.

Name: Josephine Plenzler
Died: June 10, 1978
Buried: June 13, 1978
Cemetery: Calvary
Officiating Priest: John Hemstreet
Age: 84
Sacraments: All
Adm. By: Chaplain, Mercy Hospital
Next of Kin: Son, Ollie Plenzler

Joseph and Eva were my mother’s paternal grandparents, my great-grandparents.  They were both born in Prussia in the mid-1800s–Joseph in February, 1855 and Eva in December, 1857.

Joseph’s parents were Joseph Plenzler and Mary Lesiecka.

I have found reference to Eva’s father as John Dauer on Eva’s death certificate. However, research into baptismal records for some of Eva’s and Joseph’s children have indicated her father was named Andreas. I am investigating this and have found a marriage abstract for Andreas/Andrzej Dauer and Marianna Aumiller in the Catholic parish in Głuszyna dated 1856. Eva and Joseph were also married in the Catholic parish in Głuszyna.

Per the 1900 census, Joseph arrived in 1883, Eva arrived in 1884. Joseph departed their residence in Wioreck, Preußen (Germany) on April 13, 1883 via the ship Gainsborough from Hamburg, arriving in Liverpool and then in the US. (Record 4 in the manifest.)

Eva arrived on the ship, Moravia, in the port of New York on May 6, 1884. She departed from Hamburg with her two eldest sons: Marczin (Martin) and Josef (Joseph). Martin was 3 at the time of arrival, his younger brother was just 6 months. (Lines 11, 12, and 13 in the manifest.)

By the time of the 1900 census, Joe Sr. was a naturalized citizen and a home plasterer. Eva and Joseph resided at 1541 Avondale Avenue, near Detroit Street. By this time, they had 10 children, nine of whom survived:

Vincent died in infancy.

Below is a transcription of Vincent’s baptismal record:

Nomen: Vincenti
Parentes: Joseph Plencner, Ewa Dauer
Parentini: Michael Brzoska, Victoria Mosiniak
Natio: 3 Julii
Bapt: 18 Julii
Nomen Sacerdotes: Rev. M.F. Orczechowski

Below is a transcription of Vincent’s death record through St. Stanislaus:

Nomen Defuncti: Vincentius Plencner
Obut: 4 Januari
Seput: 6 Januari
Netas: Six Montuim
Nomen Sac.: Rev. M. F. Orzechowski

I have no burial record.

Pretty amazing that Eva and Joe had nine children survive out of 10, given that cholera, “consumption” (tuberculosis), typhoid, and pneumonia were often fatal to children in the late 1800s and were fairly common in Toledo at that time.

Per the 1910 census, the family was still living on Avondale Avenue. Shortly after the 1910 census, Joseph passed away on May 4, 1910 of pneumonia at the age of 55 and was buried May 7, 1910 in Calvary Cemetery. Here is a transcription of his burial record:

Record #12068
Name of deceased: Joseph Plenzler
Late residence: 1541 Avondale
Age: 55 years, 2 mos., 9 days
Color: W
Sex: M
Disease: Lobar Pneumonia
Date of Decease: May 4
Date of Interment: May 7
Married, Single, or Widowed: M
Place of death: Toledo
No. of Grave: 26
No. of Lot: 112 to 115
No. of Section: 8
Name of Physician: A. Krieger
Name of Undertaker: W. J. Gasiorowski

Eva passed away four years later, on October 20, 1914 at the age of 56. She was interred through St. Stanislaus parish and buried at Calvary Cemetery.  The interment record from St. Stanislaus is transcribed below:

Date of death: Oct. 20
Date of burial: Oct. 24
Name of person interred: Eva Plenzler
Place of birth: Poland
Age: 56 years
Priest: J.L. Kuta
Cemetery: Calvary

Here is a transcription of the burial record:

Record #15797
Name of deceased: Eva Plenzler
Late residence: 1541 Avondale
Age: 56
Color: W
Sex: F
Disease: Abcess
Date of Decease: Oct. 20
Date of Interment: Oct. 24
Married, Single, or Widowed: W
Place of death: Toledo
No. of Grave: 25
No. of Lot: 112/ 115
No. of Section: 8
Name of Physician: C. Storz
Name of Undertaker: W. J. Gasiorowski

Martin Plenzler was my my mother’s paternal uncle–he was a brother to her father, John Plenzler. Martin was born October 30, 1880 in Poznan. He, his brother Joseph (Jr), and mother Eva arrived on the ship, Moravia, in the port of New York on May 6, 1884. She departed from Hamburg with her two eldest sons: Marczin (Martin) and Josef (Joseph). Martin was 3 at the time of arrival, his younger brother was just 6 months. (Lines 11, 12, and 13 in the manifest.)

Here is a screen snap of this branch of the family tree.

By the 1900 census, the family settled at 1544 Avondale and Martin is indicated as living with his parents and working as a day laborer.

On October 16, 1905, Martin married Michaelina (Minnie) Machowiak in St. Anthony’s church.

Below is a transcription of the marriage record:

Record 7, left page.

Oct. 16, 1905
Plencner, Martin
Machowiak, Michalina
A.J. Suplicki

Note that the last name is misspelled for Martin. Plencner is a common misspelling for Plenzler.

Also note that Record #8 lists Martin’s younger brother, Joseph Plenzler, marrying Stanislawa Machowiak. I have not researched this yet. It is possible that Stanislawa died early and widowed Joseph.

By the 1910 census, Martin and Minnie had moved to 1465 Avondale and had two children: Alphonse and Clemence. By 1920, the family added three more children: Edna, Florence, and Daniel.

Martin and his brother, Casper, were musicians and played in a popular band in the Toledo region. This band, Woodsmen of the World, was captured in a 1920s-era photo in Toledo’s Polonia written by Rev. Richard Philiposki of the Toledo Polish Genealogical Society through Arcadia Publishing, 2009. Excepts of the book can be viewed online, and the photo is located on page 66.

Martin passed away at the age of 66 on April 6, 1947. His obituary published in the Toledo Blade on April 8, 1947 can be viewed through Google News Archives. Below is a transcription of the obituary:

Martin Plenzler

Born In Poland; Toledoan 64 Years

Services for Martin K. Plenzler, 66, of 1465 Avondale Ave., who died Sunday in St. Vincent’s Hospital, will be Thursday at 8:30 a.m. in the Sujkowski & Son Funeral Home and at 9 a.m. in St. Anthony’s Church. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery.

Born in Posen, Poland, he had lived in Toledo 64 years. For 25 years, Mr. Plenzler had been a metal polisher at the DeVilbiss Co. He was affiliated with Woodmen of the World, Pulaski Camp 176, Polish National Alliance, and the Fourteenth Ward Oldtimers Baseball Association.

Surviving are his wife, Michaeline (Minnie); sons, Alphonse, Clement and Daniel; daughter, Mrs. Edna Sieja; brothers, Joseph, Casper, Robert, Frank, and Leo; sisters, Mary Plenzler and Mrs. Sophia Szymanowski, and 10 grandchildren.

Martin was buried in Calvary Cemetery on April 10, 1947. Below is a transcription of the burial record:

No. 47043
Name: Martin K. Plenzler
Residence: Toledo
Age: 66
Cause of death: Coronary Thrombosis
Date of interment: April 10, 1947
Grave:  S 1/2
Range or lot: 48
Section: 38
Undertaker: Sujkowski & Son

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