As an update to this post: Unidentified Jankowski Grave–I did a little sleuthing back in March when I made a quick trip to Toledo. I had thought to go back and take a second photo of the grave before grass grew again for spring and managed to get a name hint. Antoni (1874 – 1928) and Pelagia Jankowski (1869 – 1947) are buried here. Each were born in Poland. Antoni was the son of Joseph Jankowski. Grave location in Calvary Cemetery: Grave: E 1/2, Range or Lot: 121, Section: 25.

So…today, I make up for lost time with an additional post. I apologize, but I just haven’t had the time to keep up with the genealogy work this year. I don’t foresee the next year providing me with much time, either. But I intend to make the most of the time I do have available!

While visiting Calvary Cemetery this past July, I did some row mowing with the camera. I had found a Jankowski grave that I cannot identify. I am related to some Jankowskis through my mother–two daughters of Martin Plenzler, Edna and Florence,  had married Stanley Jankowski. Florence had married Stanley first, they had three daughters. Then after Florence had passed away and Edna was widowed (Edna’s first husband was Danny Sieja), Edna and Stanley had married. So when I encountered this stone in Calvary, I was intrigued. However, no matter how hard I tried, I could not identify the persons buried there. It seems the stone sunk enough to cover the names of those it is memorializing.

The grave is located in Section 25. If you can identify these persons, please feel free to contact me here.


Unknown Jankowski grave, Calvary Cemetery Toledo, Section 25

and I know you’re out there–I’ve communicated with a few of you. (Paul Jankowski at jankowskis.com!)

I recently corresponded with Fr. Tom Extejt who kindly leaves tidbits of knowledge here in the comments. He’s filled us in with a bit of his family. So I thought perhaps this post may connect a few others researching the Jankowskis. I’m not related to many, mainly through marriage (two of Martin Plenzler’s daughters, Edna and Florence, married a Jankowski).

I thought however that I would share Fr. Extejt’s story of his Jankowski connections and of his great-great-grandmother, Dorota Jankowski. If anyone has additional information, let me know here via comment or via email and I will pass it along to him.

Fr. Extejt’s great-aunt on his mother’s father’s side, Katarzyna Rejent, married Marcin Jankowski.

They are buried in Section 33 of Calvary. She died in 1937; he died in 1943. Their children were Florian (Jonesey), who never married, and Martha Jankowska Kaczorowska. So far, there is no known husband’s name or if there are any children or what their names could be.

Father also recently learned that the maiden name of his great-great-grandmother, Dorota Extejt, was Jankowska. Her place of birth is not known, nor are her parents’ names known. But per Fr. Extejt,

“she was born 2-5-1796 and died on 2-2-1902. So she almost made it to her 106th birthday, having lived in parts of 3 centuries, from the last days of George Washington’s second term to the early part of the Theodore Roosevelt administration. She was 80 years old when the came to Toledo, and liked it so well she stayed for almost 26 years! Her obit was the headline story on Page 1 of the Blade; it mentioned that she went to the January ’02 Rosary-Altar meeting at St. Anthony’s, went to Mass the Sunday before she died, and helped with the housework until 48 hours before she died. Talk about an iron constitution!”

What a wonderful story! If you have details, please feel free to share. If you email, I will follow up as soon as possible, usually within a few days.

Today, more of the backlog from the Calvary photos I have. These are all Jankowski burials. There are Jankowskis in my family tree; but I have not connected these to my family (at least yet).

Maryanna Jankowska

Grave: 2059, Lot: 14, Section: 3

The gravestone is too weathered to completely transcribe. Also the stone states her year of birth is 1867; however, per her death certificate, she was born in 1868.

Maryanna Kubiak Jankowska 1867 - 1914

Maryanna Kubiak Jankowska

Jankowski-Slachciak Family Plot

John Jankowski (husband)
1858 – 1944

Magdalene Szymanski Jankowkski (Wife)
1866 – 1956

Helen Jankowski Slachciak (Daughter)
1900 – 1950

Grave: E-1/2, S-1/2, Lot: 119, Section: 19

Jankowski Slachciak Family Plot

John Jankowski
1858 – 1944
Magdalene Jankowski
1866 – 1956
Helen Slachciak
1900 – 1950

More Calvary Cemetery photos.

Frank J. Jankowski

Frank J. Jankowski

Frank J. Jankowski
Grave: 2026, Range or Lot: 13, Section: 3

Veronica Szczepaniak Jankowski

Veronica Szczepaniak Jankowski

Victoria Jankowski
Grave: 2025, Range or Lot: 13, Section: 3

Frances M. Sobieralski

Frances M. Sobieralski

Frances M. Kujawa Sobieralski
Grave: 2047, Range or Lot: 13, Section: 3

Marian Rochowiak

Marian Rochowiak

Marian Rochowiak
Grave: 949, Range or Lot: 13, Section: 32

Quick post today with some more Calvary Cemetery photos.

Piotr Zielinski

Piotr Zielinski

Piotr Zielinski
1876 – 1957
Grave: 736, Range or Lot: 5, Section: 3

Anna Zielinski

Anna Zielinski

Anna Zielinska
1876 – 1925
Grave: 737, Range or Lot: 5, Section: 3
Note: Anna’s maiden name was Olszewski

Antonina Zielinski

Antonina Zielinski

Antonina Zielinska
1866 – 1925
Proze O Modlit We
Grave: 1591, Range or Lot: 11, Section: 3

Frank F. Jankowski

Frank F. Jankowski

Beloved Husband
Frank F. Jankowski
1899 – 1932
Grave: 725, Range or Lot: 5, Section: 3

Today’s theme over at GeneaBloggers is Wednesday’s child.

Ronald Jankowski was the son of Florence Plenzler and Stanley Jankowski. Florence was the daughter of Martin Plenzler and Minnie Machowiak. Interestingly, Stanley was widowed when Florence passed away in 1946. He then married her sister, Edna, in 1950 Edna was widowed a few years prior when her husband, Daniel Sieja passed away.

Ronald was born December 14, 1933 and died February 13, 1934 of pneumonia.

Ronald S. Jankowski, grave, Calvary Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio

Ronald S. Jankowski, Calvary Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio

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