I was hoping to actually post something regarding the Rochowiaks in Toledo today. I have been working to follow up on comments left on this post : Rochowiaks in Toledo, and am making some headway, but not ready to post on those comments yet.

A good clue though that was left was to check the records of Sts. Peter and Paul parish, which I am doing. While doing so, I came across a marriage record for 1874 that made my eyes pop. I was unsure of what it meant because initially when I read it, it appeared at first glance to be a marriage for a Joseph Przybylski. However, some consultation with the Polish Genius email discussion group indicated that it is the marriage of Joseph’s widow, Paulina to a Joseph Mortek (I am not quite certain of that name, I may not have transcribed it correctly).

Here is the record. It is on the left hand side of the image, the second from the bottom, dated 13 January 1874. The marriage was witnessed by Nickolaus Rutkowski and Rosalia Ciesliewicz. I have not yet ascertained if this is a connection to Andrew Przybylski or if Paulina was widowed here or in Poland. Definitely an interesting clue to follow up on. As usual, if you have any hints or information, drop me an email or a line here.