More Calvary Cemetery photos.

Frank J. Jankowski

Frank J. Jankowski

Frank J. Jankowski
Grave: 2026, Range or Lot: 13, Section: 3

Veronica Szczepaniak Jankowski

Veronica Szczepaniak Jankowski

Victoria Jankowski
Grave: 2025, Range or Lot: 13, Section: 3

Frances M. Sobieralski

Frances M. Sobieralski

Frances M. Kujawa Sobieralski
Grave: 2047, Range or Lot: 13, Section: 3

Marian Rochowiak

Marian Rochowiak

Marian Rochowiak
Grave: 949, Range or Lot: 13, Section: 32


Have been slowly following up with locating and placing the Rochowiak family. Making some great headway. Found some good data for the Lawrence Rochowiak family.

While I had been given the tip that Lawrence married Rosalia Sklomokowska in Sts. Peter and Paul Church in 1875, I haven’t been able to really confirm that fact directly with an accurate marriage record. What I have found was a marriage record from Sts. Peter and Paul, dated 4 May 1875 that clearly reflects the name Laurentium Rochowiak. However, this record indicates a marriage to Rosalia Jaseizewski (sp?).

My thinking is that perhaps the priest made an error with the recording of the bride’s name. The marriage was witnessed by Ratka (sp?) and Josepha Janiski. The reason I do think this is very likely an error is that the first son to this marriage, Joseph, was born and baptized 26 November 1876. The parish baptismal records from Sts. Peter and Paul reflect this. It may be possible to find the Ohio marriage record through microfilm; however, my experience with some of the Lucas County records prior to about 1880 or so is that they are spotty if they exist at all. While many counties in Ohio may have records from this period, it seems that Lucas County was one of the last counties to be truly settled and governed in an organized manner — records just don’t seem to be available as easily prior to about 1880. (The city of Toledo seemed to be pretty much unwanted swampland until somewhere during the 1840s-1850s when the canals came in to support commerce; population doesn’t seem to have had much growth until the late 1870s. So it’s likely there was no or little formal civil recording of births, marriages, or deaths until a few years after Rose and Lawrence were married.)

Rose and Lawrence did have eight children that I can verify through church baptism records:

  1. Joseph, b. 1876. I have not been able to find any record for his death. An interesting thing to note with Joseph’s baptismal record is that his godparents or sponsors were Joseph Lisiakowski and Vincent Rochowiak. I am unsure if there were two men, perhaps the priest again made an error with name recording and the godmother may have been Josepha. But the more interesting thing to note is yet another Rochowiak. Martin, Lawerence, and Frances may have had yet another male relation (possibly brother or uncle) that had immigrated to Toledo. I have not yet located any records for a Vincent Rochowiak whose age range would align here; but it is something to keep an eye out for!
  2. Agnes, b. 1878 (St. Hedwig Parish), m. John Drzewiecki 1878 (St. Anthony’s parish). I have not be able to find any record for her death. But another interesting note: Her marriage was witnessed by Frank Przybylski.
  3. Frank, b. 1879, m. Katharine Okonska 1901 (St. Anthony’s parish), d. 1953. Another interesting note: marriage was witnessed by Victoria Przybylski.
  4. Mary, b. 1882, d. 1895 (St. Anthony’s parish). Mary’s burial record from Calvary indicates that she died of typhoid fever, two weeks after her mother died of the same.
  5. Anthony, b. 1882 (St. Anthony’s parish baptism record, Anthony’s godmother was Frances Rochowiak), d. 1929 (St. Anthony’s parish death record).
  6. Constansia, b. 1889 (St. Anthony’s parish baptism record, Martin Rochowiak was godfather). I have not been able to find any record for her death.
  7. Eva, b. 1891, d. 1891. It appears as if Eva was either stillborn or died shortly after birth.
  8. Anna, b. 1892. Per brother Frank’s obituary (Toledo Blade, 8 January 1953), it indicates she married a man named Flowers. I have not been able to find any record for her death.

Rosalia died 15 July 1895 per the death records from St. Anthony’s parish. She was buried in grave 4, lot 182, section 30 in Calvary Cemetery on the 16th of July. Per the burial record, cause of death was typhoid fever.

After Rose’s death, Lawerence married Anna Ziemkiewicz on 7 June 1897 per St. Anthony’s parish marriage records. This record indicates that Anna was born in Prussia. Additionally, this marriage was witnessed by Frank Przybylski and also by a Frank (Franciszek) Rochowiak. This cannot be an error on behalf of the priest because this is a signature indicating this person witnessed the marriage. So, it’s likely again that Frances, Martin, and Lawrence had another close male relative, possibly a brother or uncle, who was also living in the Toledo area.

Lawrence and Anna had two children that I could locate:

  1. Clara, b. 1898, m. Leo Szykowny, d. 1985 (obituary from the Toledo Blade, dated 8 November 1985).
  2. Joseph Wladyslaw, b. 1901 (St. Anthony’s parish baptismal record). I have not been able to locate a death record for this Joseph; however, through census records that indicated his occupation, we do know he was alive at least until 1930. A newspaper clipping mentions his work as a city of Toledo police officer.

Lawrence died 4 June 1930 per a Toledo News Bee death notice. The death notice does not indicate survivors other than his wife, Anna.

Anna died 22 April 1955, per the St. Anthony’s parish death records. I have not been able to obtain an obituary or death notice for Anna to locate survivors.

A few days ago, Lukasz Bialecki of the Poznan Project emailed me the civil marriage record for Martinus (Martin) Rochowiak and Catherine (Katarzyna) Switala. Martin was a half-brother to my great-grandmother, Frances Rochowiak Przybylski. The civil marriage record provides us with a bit more detail about the family. The thumbnail below is difficult to read, but click it to enlarge to see the detail.

Civil marriage record for Martin Rochowiak and Catherine Switala November 1877

Civil marriage record for Martin Rochowiak and Catherine Switala, November 1877

Lukasz kindly sent along a translation of the record to me since it is written in German:

Farm worker Martin Rochowiak, born 3 Nov 1850 in Zendowo, resident in Murczyn, son of the farmer Adalbert Rochowiak (died in Zendowo) and his wife Marianna (married name missing, died in Zendowo).

Maid Catharina Switala, born 24 Sep 1857 in Murczyn, resident in Murczyn, daughter of the farmer Matheus Switala (resident in Murczyn) and his wife Marianna Zablocka (resident in Murczyn).

Witnesses Johann Wesolek, age 33 from Jaroszewo, Johann Zablocki, age 52 from Murczyn.

Now, from this translation we cannot ascertain for sure that Martin was a son of Marianna Chlebowska or Marianna Marzana. I’ve “assigned” him within my tree as the son of Marianna Chlebowska, based on the fact that per the this civil marriage record, he was born 3 November 1850 and Aldabertus married Marianna Mazana on 27 October 1851. So, not quite a year after Martinus was born, Aldabert married his third wife.

We also have the location where the Rochowiaks, Switalas, and Zablockis were living in 1850: Murczyn. Additionally, we now know that Adalbert was a farmer. We also now know that Adalbert and Marianna Mazana (using deductive logic for which Marianna) died in Zendowo.

If you note the signatures, as Lukasz pointed out to me, the groom was illiterate–he signed the record with three Xs but the bride was able to write and signed her own name.

While researching the Rochowiaks, I learned Lawrence Rochowiak had two sons named Joseph. The eldest, born to his first wife, Rosalia, was born in 1876. The younger, baptized Joseph Wladyslaw, was born to his second wife, Anna, in 1901. While I am still untangling the children of Lawrence and his two wives; I’d come across an  interesting tidbit that I believe would have involved Joseph Wladyslaw.

Per the 1930 census, Joseph Wladyslaw was a city of Toledo patrolman. That same year, on 27 May, the Toledo News Bee published an interesting little tidbit on Joseph:

Watch Your Turn (Published Toledo News Bee, 27 May 1930)

Watch Your Turn (Published Toledo News Bee, 27 May 1930)

The scan isn’t easy to read, so here is a transcription:

Watch Your Turn

Downtown Traffic Officer Out to Enforce the Law

Toledo motorists Tuesday were threatened with a new traffic menace in the person of Patrolman Joseph Rochowiak, who late Monday launched a single-handed crusade against 27 motorists who persisted in making a left turn at Erie street and Madison avenue between the hours of 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. , in violation of a traffic ordinance.

Unfortunately, there are no further details. How many of these drivers fought city hall and won?

While obtaining the marriage record for Adalbertus Rochowiak and Marianna Chlebowska, I had also asked Lukasz for the marriage record for their son, Martin, and Catherine Switała from November, 1877. The image isn’t near as clear as the one for Adalbertus and Marianna, and it’s a much larger image. So here are snippets showing just the record for Martin and Catherine. The top is the left side of the book, the bottom image is the right side of the book. I have to apologize for the size of the snippets. The original image was large and lower resolution, and it needed to be cropped and reduced quite a bit to fit on the screen here. You can click the snippets to enlarge. If you want a full copy, feel free to ask. I’m happy to send it on and can email it.

Left side: marriage record November 1877 for Martinus Rochowiak and Catherine Switała

Left side: marriage record November 1877 for Martinus Rochowiak and Catherine Switała

Right side: marriage record November 1877 for Martinus Rochowiak and Catherine Switała

Right side: marriage record November 1877 for Martinus Rochowiak and Catherine Switała

At the time of the marriage, Martin was 28 and Catherine 20. I cannot ascertain the exact date of the marriage; however, marriage banns were published on 20 October, 28 October, and 4 November. That should tell us that the marriage likely took place within the following week of the final publishing of banns. Catherine’s parents were Mathias and Marianna Zablocka. The couple was married in Góra Żnin.

Per the 1900 census, Martin and Catherine emigrated to the US in 1889. The children per that census were:

  1. Frances, b. 1880 (Poland)
  2. Agnes, b. 1882 (Poland)
  3. Teresa, b. 1883 (Poland)
  4. Joseph, b. 1890 (Toledo, Ohio)
  5. Jadwiga (Hattie), b. 1895 (Toledo, Ohio)
  6. Martha, b. 1899 (Toledo, Ohio)

I can’t say why, but I’m happy that I’m learning Frances had siblings and nieces and nephews in Toledo. This also makes me wonder if entire villages in Poznan emigrated to Toledo! (I am only half joking–the Plenzler family seemed to have emptied a few small villages themselves so far.) This also makes me wonder too if my great-great grandchildren would be able to find my family for their genealogy efforts. My family is now so very spread out over the United States–how difficult will that be in 90 or 100 years for my progeny to locate our whereabouts? Connecting the dots with my great-grandparents’ family who lived within a small radius together both in Poland and in Toledo continues to challenge me.

Again, I am posting a bit early for Geneablogger’s Wednesday theme, but I was excited to get a huge surprise today.

I had written to the Poznan Project over the weekend to obtain what I believed was Adalbertus Rochowiak’s (my 2nd great-grandfather) first marriage. I’m now thinking he was married three times–based on what I received today. The record I received would be the second marriage for Adalbertus. Lukasz kindly sent me the marriage record today. Here it is.

Aldalbertus Rochowiak and Marianna Chlebowski, marriage record 2 November 1832, Chomętowo, Poznan, Poland

Aldalbertus Rochowiak and Marianna Chlebowski, marriage record 2 November 1832, Chomętowo, Poznan, Poland

Roughly transcribed:

Specificato Copulatorum 1832
Nomina Vallarum: Zedowo

1832 die ii Novembris
Ego Andrea Kowalski Curatus
Stupensis, Benediti matrimonium inter
laboriosum Adalbertum Rochowiak vidius
de Gorzyce anno 34 et
Mariannam Chlebowska virginem de
Zedowo  ann0 24 filiam Valentine Chlebowski
vidui — Premipis bannis en utr???
Parochia nullo Impedimento detecto —
Benedicto Pietras
Paulo Bryzycky
Petro Bryzycky
et Mathias Białecki

Now, here too Adalbertus was indicated to be a widower (vidius), as he was in the marriage record to Marianna Mazana dated 27 October 1851. This record tells us he is living in Gorczyce, is 34 years old, and widowed. Marianna has not been married previously, is 24 years old, and her father, Valentine, is a widower. They were married in a village parish of Zedowo on 2 November 1832.

And a familiar names is popping up: Bryzykcy.

With these clues, I did notice there is one more record of a marriage for Adalbertus within the Poznan Project. This is to an Eva Malak in Gorzyce in 1825. It is possible this marriage produced children as well.

I was recently emailing with the Toledo Polish Genealogical Society. The person I was conversing with kindly sent me the marriage record for my grandmother’s, Anastasia Przybylski, first marriage to Stanley Lawecki.

I’ve transcribed it below:

Stanislaw Lawecki filius
Joannes et Mariae Szuchininska (sp?)
natus in Toledo, O. Sept. 21. 1886


Anastasia Przybylska
Andreas et Franciscae Rochowiak
nata et bapt. in Toledo, O.
d. 23 February 1889

Testes: Antoni Lawecki, Joseph Rochowiak
Jos. Kuta
Sept. 20 – ’09

I cannot quite transcribe Stanley’s mother’s name so I may have it wrong.

Sadly, Stanley passed away a bit over a year from the marriage on October 9, 1910 of typhoid fever. Anastasia and Stanley had a child, Daniel. Daniel passed away on November 2, 1910 of cholera. I’m not sure I can comprehend how difficult it must have been for her to have lost a spouse and a child within weeks of each other.

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