Since the last I posted, I did some more research on Andreas Dauer, my 2nd great-grandfather. I knew he was married three times: to Marianna Hirsch, Marianna Remlein, and Maria Aumiller. His third wife was my 2nd great-grandmother. Andreas had children with each wife, and the best I can determine his children with each wife are listed below:

Marianna Hirsch (b. about 1810, m. Andreas 14 January 1839 in Gluszyna, and d. 8 December 1840 in Czapury).

  1. Jan Dauer, b. 2 December 1839 in Czapury and died 29 December 1839 in Czapury.
  2. Barbara Dauer, b. 25 November 1840 in Czapury. Death and marriages unknown.

Marianna Remlein (b. about 1814 in Czapury, m. Andreas on 13 October 1841, d. in Czapury 19 December 1841).

  1. Margaretha, b. about 1842 in Czapury, m. Andreas Torz 1864 in Gluszyna, m. Valentine Olejniczak 1881 in Wiry, d. 15 December 1884 in Wiry.
  2. Katharina, b. 18 November 1843 in Czapury, m. Michael Kajser 25 October 1863, d. unknown. (So, this is the son-in-law who reported Andreas’ death!)
  3. Marianna, b. 30 July 1845 in Czapury, d. 17 May 1846 in Czapury.
  4. Peter, b. 15 February 1847 in Czapury, m. Auguste Franke in Glatz, Preußen 9 November 1875, d. unknown.
  5. Eva, b. 15 December 1848, m. and d. unknown. (This Eva is not my great-grandmother.)

Maria Aumiller, b. about 1826 in Czapury, m. Andreas 29 November 1856 in Gluszyna, d. 16 July 1866 in Wiorek.

  1. Martin, b. 9 November 1856 in Czapury, d. 20 November 1859 in Czapury.
  2. Eva b. 21 December 1857 ¹ in Czapury, m. Joseph Plenzler 8 November 1879 in Gluszyna, d. 20 October 1914 in Toledo, Ohio. (This Eva is my great-grandmother.)
  3. Andreas, b. 13 November 1859 in Czapury, d. 27 December 1859 in Wiorek.
  4. Michael, b. 3 September 1861 in Wiorek, m. Marie Wojciechowska in November 1866, d. unknown.
  5. Katharina, b. 12 October 1864, m. Casimir Borowicz February 1884, d. unknown, found residing in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1917.

Reviewing all the data I had located through the Gluszyna parish to establish Andreas’ death and marriages helped to identify all of his children. I was unaware of nearly all of his children with Marianna Remlein. I was able to locate a son, Peter, and find Katharina Dauer Kajser’s marriage to identify who reported Andreas’ death.

Again, the recurrent theme in my ancestry: repeated names. Much of my confusion when trying to identify members of Andreas’ family was the fact he had two Katharinas and two Evas. I do know there are mentions of another Eva Dauer in the Gluszyna parish records, but I had ignored them all of this time thinking this Eva was likely the daughter of another family. I now know I need to re-review those records.

Except for Eva Dauer Plenzler, a good number of Andreas’ children just “fall off the radar” for me and I cannot locate deaths, although I can locate marriages and some children in a number of instances. So I have some work ahead of me to try to trace the children I know were living when Andreas died. I know one other child besides Eva Dauer Plenzler came to the US, but not to Toledo. Katharina Dauer Borowicz was found with her husband Casimir in the 1920 census in Erie, Pennsylvania. I had also noted Casimir was listed in an Erie, Pennsylvania City Directory as early as 1913. So I believe Katharina and Casimir came to the US much later than her sister Eva Dauer Plenzler and her husband, Joseph. Eva would have died shortly after their arrival (20 October 1914), so it’s possible the sisters would not have been able to reunite and visit each other. I would like to think they had, but there likely is no record of such a visit.

¹ A small added bonus to all of this was locating my great-grandmother’s birth record by re-reviewing all of the records I was able to locate from the Gluszyna parish and being able to review her birth record. Eva Dauer Plenzler’s death certificate states her date of birth was 24 December 1857. But her birth record from the Gluszyna parish indicates she was born 23 December–so her death certificate was a day off on her birth date.


Been a long time, eh? Yes, I am still researching, but not much time to write or publish this blog. Part of what’s kept me busy on the research end has been the brickwall of my 2x great-grandparents, Maria Aumiller and Andreas Dauer.

Sometime ago, I had been contacted by the great-granddaughter of Adalbert Aumiller. We had exchanged a number of emails where she had provided me considerable detail about Adalbert, who was married in the same Catholic parish in Gluszyna as my great-grandmother and great-grandfather, Eva Dauer and Joseph Plenzler.  The Adalbert in question was a theoretical possibility being tossed about that he was somehow related to Eva Dauer, whose mother was Maria Aumiller.

Well, I haven’t proved that yet. We discussed a possibility that Adalbert and Eva were connected as first cousins–the theory was that Adalbert and Eva shared a grandfather named Bartholomeus and a grandmother named Barbara Schneider. Research on this angle has not yet proved fruitful, but I believe I need to pursue this line of thinking further.

Fortunately, persistence did pay off and I did manage to find a death record for Maria that provided her parents’ names. Maria died 16 July 1866 in Wiorek. See entry #45 in the image below.

Maria Aumiller Dauer death 16 July 1866

Maria Aumiller Dauer death 16 July 1866

Maria’s parents were Michael Aumiller and Maria Remlein. So it appears I may need to trace Michael to determine whether his parents were Bartholomeus and Maria Remlein. (Remlein is a repeated name within my lines, there is a small handful of marriages within my mother’s lines that involved Remleins. Which, to add confusion to this issue, the second wife of Andreas was a Marianna Remlein. I’m certain anyone who has researched small villages in Poland will feel the pain with the names and untangling the relationships!)

Maria died of cholera at the age 40. When she died, there was a cholera epidemic that spread through Poland due to the Austrian-Prussian war in 1866. This epidemic was part of a worldwide pandemic of cholera that occurred from approximately 1863 through 1875 and began in the Middle East and then was spread throughout Russia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas via travelers. It seems the region around the Gluszyna parish where this death record is from had been particularly hit hard in summer of 1866. Each death except for one this page was caused by cholera.

While searching for further information on Maria, I found a death record for Andreas as well within the death records for the parish in Gluszyna. Andreas died 17 April 1871 of “febris nervosa,” probably typhoid fever.

Andreas Dauer death 17 April 1871

Andreas Dauer death 17 April 1871

What is particularly interesting in Andreas’ death record is the fact his death was reported by a Michael Kajser, indicated as his son-in-law (zięć). Andreas is noted to have seven children, three of whom are of minor age. I have not yet determined which of his daughters married a Michael Kajser. (I do have twelve children overall for Andreas, however, I do not know all of which had died before 1871–another area for research. I can easily rule out daughter Eva, who was born in 1857 and died in Toledo, Ohio in 1914.)