Family is visiting from out of town and then I’m off to Orlando for work. Am still working on and organizing the Mierzejewski information sent to me by Garret and have some Plenzler information to post. In the meantime, enjoy these videos courtesy of Public TV WTGE Toledo. The first is a short (less than two minutes) clip of the Polish community in Toledo. The second is a 41 minute episode from the “Cornerstones” series produced by WGTE Public Television in Toledo that provides interviews and historical information about the Kuschwantz and Lagrinka neighborhoods in Toledo.

I can’t directly embed the entire episode, but here is the link to the WGTE website and the full episode:

Full Cornerstones episode


If time permits before I leave for Florida, I may post a bit on the Plenzlers, but I can’t promise anything. I will return in a few weeks.